Rules and Etiquette

At any swingers venue rules are paramount.

The Golden Rule of all: “NO means absolutely NO”

All guests must ask before touching or joining others involved in play.  You cannot touch others without their express permission to do so.  

During any swinging moment when anyone says “NO”, regardless of any reason, no means to “STOP” all activities at once.

No explanations are needed to be given.  The most polite way to say no is by saying, “No thank you, but appreciate you for asking”.

By saying no you are being honest to yourself and the person asking, plus you will also avoid any misunderstandings.

No phones inside the venue

Your phone will stay in your pocket or bag. You are welcome to use your phone outside.

Dress Code 

Look and feel sexy. Take time to dress for the occasion

Grooming is essential and it’s important to smell nice

Men should wear dress pants and shoes and a collared shirt.  Ladies wear business casual or sexy.

Strictly no thongs, hoodies, singlets, ripped jeans will be acceptable for entry


We provide a small outside smokers area.  No smoking is allowed in the club or in our bathroom facilities


All events are BYO drinks.  You are welcome to bring beers, pre-mix cans, spirits and mixers.  We supply glasses and ice and have water available.

All drinks will be handed to bar staff upon entry and served to patrons upon request

Our guests will not be intoxicated – no ones likes a drunk.  If you are intoxicated you will be asked to drink some water before you are served any more drinks.   Patrons that are causing nuisance to other guests will be asked to leave the premises

Shots will not be served